Repertoire 2013/2014

Task: design repertoire for Opera and ballet The Slovene National Theatre

The Slovene National Theatre Maribor is the main cultural institution in the town of Maribor and in northeaster Slovenia. In year 2013 artistic director Benjamin Pionnier, choose water as the “leitmotiv”. Water represents the source of life; it is a reflection and the magical space that connects numerous cultures. Water is also associated with the fantasy, catharsis and melancholic feeling. The idea of water was incorporated into graphic design.

Client: Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Danilo Rošker

Design: Vojko Pogačar, Dušan Pogačar

Editor and author of text: Benjamin Virc

Language editing: Andreja Kalc

Photography: Tiberiu Marta, Damjan Švarc, Arhiv SNG Maribor

Release year: 2013
16 pages
Press run: 2000
Dimensions: A5