Rocker of Ideas

Task: design a poster and flayer for exhibition inside museum storage

Part of the Furniture collection of the Regional Museum Maribor is on display inside the former cinema Partizan. The project ‘Rocker of Ideas’ was established with the purpose to confront the public in new ways with presented heritage. Artists are invited to provide answers to the questions on how heritage is influencing their creativity, how it relates to them and changes them.

Work: Rocker of Ideas – Jazz in the storage

Graphic design: Dušan Pogačar

Client: Regional Museum Maribor

Publisher: Regional Museum Maribor, for it Mirjana Koren, director

Author of the project: Mirjana Koren

Texts: Mirjana Koren, Petra Cvelbar, Boštjan Perovšek

Photographs: Žiga Koritnik, Petra Cvelbar, Iztok Zupan

Language editing: Darja Gabrovšek Homšak

Translation: Uroš Žerak


Release year: 2013