Identities of Krško

Task: design a book and capture artists’ process of developing memorial sculptural park

Primož Trubar, Adam Bohorič and Jurij Dalmatin provided a basis for the written Slovene language and literature. For Slovenians that was one of keystones for developing a self-perception which led to the idea of independent Slovene country.

In order to awake memories and to stress the meaning of their contribution to the modern time, the Municipality Krško decided to dedicate a memorial park to Jurij Dalmatin and to prize all three important ancestors with a sculptural composition. This book describes artistic thoughts and processes while creating the sculptures.

Title: Identities of Krško (Krške identitete)
Genealogy of the Jurij Dalmatin memorial park, dedicated to the consolidators of the Slovene written language

Design: Dušan Pogačar

Editor: Vojko Pogačar

Authors of texts: Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Mario Berdič, Franc Bogovič, Vojko Pogačar

Photographers: Vojko Pogačar, Dušan Pogačar, Andreja Sinkovič

Translation: Silvija Šijanec Cupar

Publisher: Interesansa

Proofreading: Maja Sužnik

Release year: 2009
80 pages
Press run: 900
Dimensions: 144×216 mm
ISBN 978-961-269-169-1