E2RD New collection

Task: design a provocative jewellery collection

Jewellery collection E2RD NEW COLLECTION explores new approaches in design involving the use of technologies of 3D print, which enables the design of unconventional, innovative jewellery. The collection motto is to imitate and directly reflect the contemporary digital society and its capture into the world of endless choices where the difference between the offer of products and the offer of „friends“ is becoming increasingly blurred.

E2RD New collection

Client: E2RD

Product design: Dušan Pogačar

Jewellery design: Bojana Kovačič Zemljič & Dušan Pogačar

Styling: Alenka Zupan & Andreja Japelj

Photography: Tibor Golob

Model: Tjaša Camlek

Release year: 2011