Yval – modular wall

Task: design a modular wall / room divider for rapidly changing co-working spaces

Co-working spaces have many advantages as well as some problems, in particular noisy atmosphere, bustling fluctuation of people, constant spatial changes and changes in work process. Due to these rapid changes, the concept of co-working spaces should allow flexibility, modularity and easy co-creation by the user community. Presented are first ideas for a modular wall made from felt. We have also designed a tool for building prototype wall from egg packaging. Together with architecture students, the project has been expanded with extensive research of working space modularity. The result of research was published book RISE (raziskava inteligentnih stenskih elementov).

Yval – modular wall

Concept: Dušan Pogačar

Product design: Marko Borko

Visualisation: Dušan Pogačar, Marko Borko

Release year: 2014