Luxury in the countryside

Task: design an extensive box about furniture collection
The Regional Museum Ptuj – Ormož has a large collection of furniture from different time periods and places. Pieces that are more distinguished are on display in the castle halls, others are stored in the museum depots. Curator of Cultural History Tatjana Štefanič and a specialist in furniture mag. Bostjan Roškar have done extensive inventory of furniture and summarized several years of research in this book.

Title: Luxury in the countryside

Razkošje na podeželju: pohištvo v ptujskem gradu

Editor: Tatjana Štefanič

Authors of texts: Andrej Brence, Maja Lozar Štamcar, Boštjan Roškar, Tatjana Štefanič, Dejan Zadravec

Photographers: Boris Farič et al.

Language editing: Franc Vogelnik

Publisher: Regional Museum Ptuj – Ormož, by Andrej Brence, director

Design: Dušan Pogačar

Release year: 2014
416 pages
Press run: 500
Dimensions: 235×300 mm
ISBN 978-961-6438-51-3