Zbornik Pokrajinskega muzeja Ptuj-Ormož

Task: design university textbook for intern medicine students

Regional Museum Ptuj – Ormož is a general museum with collections and sections for archaeology, history, cultural history, ethnology, restoration workshops and other services. It was founded in 1893. Generations of professionals and other employees are constantly accumulating knowledge and passing the knowledge through books and proceedings such as this one, in which the current in-house research is presented.

Title: Zbornik Pokrajinskega muzeja Ptuj – Ormož 4

Design: Dušan Pogačar

Editor: Martin Šteiner

Authors of texts: Andrej Brence, Maja Lozar Štamcar, Boštjan Roškar, Tatjana Štefanič, Dejan Zadravec

Photographers: Boris Farič et al.

Language editing: Margit Berlič Ferlinc

Translation: Tanja Ostrman Renault

Publisher: Regional Museum Ptuj – Ormož, by Andrej Brence, director
Release year: 2015
374 pages
Press run: 300
Dimensions: 165 x 235 mm
ISSN 1581-7695