Gynecology and perinatology

Task: design university textbook for medicine students

On the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Medical Faculty of the University of Maribor, Professor Dr. Iztok Takač and dr. Ksenija Geršak decided to issue a modern textbook of gynecology and perinatology for medical students of both Maribor and Ljubljana Medical faculty. They invited 86 renowned experts for the purpose. The writing of book took several years and represents one of the key works in the field of gynecology and perinatology written in Slovenian language.

Title: Gynecology and perinatology
Ginekologija in perinatologija

Design: Dušan Pogačar

Editors: dr. Iztok Takač and dr. Ksenija Geršak

Authors of texts: 86 authors

Illustrations: Geja Kobal, Vesna Rems

Reviewers: dr. Elko Borko in dr. Stelio Rakar

Language editing: dr. Nada Šabec, and dr. Alenka Valh Lopert

Publisher: University of Maribor, Faculty of Medicine

Release year: 2016
714 pages
Press run: 2000, hardcover
Dimensions: 215×270 mm
ISBN 978-961-6739-63-4