Maribor (C)enter

Task: design a tourist guide for hometown Maribor

Maribor is a city of many characteristics, a city of contradictions, ups and downs. It is the object of both admiration and criticism. It has a population of just over one hundred thousand. In 2012, it was given the honour of being the European Capital of Culture and the opportunity to introduce itself to the whole of Europe. Precisely this atmosphere inspired us to create a contemporary guidebook that, in a fresh, graphic, and condensed manner, presents the most important elements the city has to offer.

Title: Maribor (C)enter
Contemporary guide to Maribor’s old town center and its surroundings

Concept and editor: Dr. Kaja Pogačar

Authors of texts: Dr. Eva Sapač, Dr. Igor Sapač, Uroš Lobnik, Dr. Kaja Pogačar, Vanja Skalicky

Photographers: Damjan Švarc, Katja Šket, Samo Lorber, Lucija Smodiš etc.

Cartography: Marko Jaušovec

Publisher and distributor: Založba Pivec, Milena Pivec

Design: Dušan Pogačar

Release year: 2012
132 pages
Press run: 1000 x 4 languages
Dimensions: 150×150 mm, spiral binding
ISBN 978-961-6897-00-6