The language of weapons

Task: design a book about arms collection

The Arms and Armour Collection of the Regional Museum of Maribor is the second largest in the country and had, until recently, been one of the untreated ones. The fourth publication from the series Osvetljena dediščina (Revealed heritage) reflects the four-year work on the museum’s arms collection.

Title: The language of weapons
The area of Maribor between the Hungarian raids and the French occupation

Design: Dušan Pogačar

Authors of the texts: PhD Leopold Toifl

Editor-in-charge: Mirjana Koren

Technical editor: Tadej Pungartnik

Reviewers: PhD Andrej Hozjan, PhD Tomaž Lazar

Photographers: Boris Farič, Ilse Toifl

Language editing: MA Darja Gabrovšek Homšak

Translation: Uroš Žerak

Publisher: Regional Museum Maribor, by Mirjana Koren, director


Release year: 2012
110 pages
Press run: 800
Dimensions: 215×270 mm
ISBN 978-961-93424-0-4